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Are you ready to treat your physician burnout, tackle that transition or parenting challenge? Do you want value driven, successful outcomes? Contact me for a free 20 minute coaching consultation to begin building the game plan and strategies to discover your true potential.

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Why physicians, leaders and parents trust me as their Coach

I am a medical doctor, coach, speaker, writer, and avid fitness enthusiast. I help physicians, leaders and parents uncover their core values enabling them to set priorities and develop strategies to navigate through the various seasons of growth and change.

Overcome self doubt and burnout and live a happy, energized and productive life.

Physician Coach, Certified Executive Coach, Parenting Coach and Keynote Speaker

Dr. Elliott is certified Executive Coach through the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute and received certifications from the Physician Leadership Institute. She received a Distinguished Service Award for her work founding the Adolescent Medicine division in 2001 at the University of Calgary in Canada. April has been published in numerous medical journals and media publications over the past 20 years.

You already possess the answers and have the ability.

Together we will uncover your core values that are waiting to be discovered. Then we learn how to reveal them to the world with intention and purpose. This is what it means to live an effective life and discover your true potential.


April delivered a real, authentic session that really gets to the roots of why physicians have trouble healing – she faces the spots we balk at head on and offers insightful, open, and meaningful interaction to help everyone find their own version of wellness. It was appreciated by a wide range of female PICU physicians, junior to senior, with everyone taking something away to consider as they focus on their own wellness while working within pediatric critical care. Fantastic session!

– Dr Roxanne and Dr Jaime

Women in Pediatric Critical Care Canada

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity for one-on-one coaching with April. She is kind, thoughtful and nonjudgmental. She creates a safe environment for sharing which optimizes the coaching sessions leading to an experience that is both nurturing and personal. Meeting with April feels natural and comfortable. The sessions encouraged self-reflection on both personal and professional strengths and goals and will have a lasting impact on my life both inside and outside the bounds of PICU and medicine. Coaching with April expanded my ability to grow within my PICU profession while respecting the importance of “me” as well.”

– Dr Jaime Blackwood

Medical Director,
ECLS program Education Representative, Peds Program PICU and Critical Care

“We have been fortunate to have Dr. April Elliott as an expert panelist on anxiety-based mental health challenges for youth, at both our live and virtual Lionheart Foundation, ‘Girl Power Hour’ events over the past number of years. In our experience, it is unique to find a professional as engaging and gifted as Dr. Elliott. She is a natural leader, bringing a confident, calm presence to each panel, projecting clear and concise messaging on complex issues and a capacity for stimulating professional interaction, all with a wonderful sense of humor. We are fans and thankful for the vital contribution Dr Elliott has made to our efforts.”

– Peter Williams

Founder, Girl Power Hour and CEO, Annapolis Capital

“Dr. Elliott, your thoughtful expose and questions posed on vulnerability and post-vulnerability hangover are very profound. The recognition of vulnerability as courage is a big leap in becoming a trusted leader, not only in showing our humanity but also in demonstrating our empathy. Thank you very much for such an enjoyable post, and don’t stop writing.”

– Dr. Dele


“I reached a point in my career where I felt lost. Without even knowing what Coaching could offer me, I contacted April to inquire. This first step was the best thing I have done for myself. April has a gift in her ability to create a warm and open holding environment, which allowed me to grow on my own personal journey. She holds an energy that is calming, inspiring and infectious, that she radiates through her presence and demeanor. Throughout my coaching sessions, I developed a renewed sense of self, purpose and fulfilment.”

– Dr. Christine


“I have known April for around 10 years. As she was starting her journey with becoming a coach, I got the privileged to be one of her first clients. It was perfect timing for me as I was going through a difficult period in my life. April and I had some very inspiring and thought-provoking conversations. The conversations helped me realize how to bring out my authentic self. To this day I am grateful for her guidance and kindness as she listened to me without judgment and helped me be ok with some of the decisions I made. April is an inspirational person and a gifted Coach. She helped me see how to look at my difficult decisions in a positive light and gave me the motivation to ride the ups and downs in life.”

– Erika

Executive Administrator

    I’ll strategize with you and put together a game plan that’ll help you succeed!

    Are you ready to treat your physician burnout, tackle that transition or parenting challenge? Do you want value driven, successful outcomes?
    Contact me for a free 20 minute coaching consultation to begin building the game plan and strategies to reach your full potential!