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For Physicians and Healthcare Leaders

Physicians help others and change lives. This career path can sometimes feel overwhelming, and the everyday workload can lead to questioning career paths, interpersonal challenges and ultimately physician burnout.

Physicians are under extreme pressure.

To be the best at what they do and provide high-quality care, physicians need to feel confident, grounded and appreciated in their workplace and organization. To help find an alternative solution to many common challenges and mental health concerns that healthcare providers experience, I have developed coaching services aimed at physician burnout treatment and other workplace issues in a more proactive way.

Many in healthcare carry the burden of perfectionism and uncertainty is not an option.

How can a coach help improve well-being and treat physician burnout?

Physicians juggle a lot of responsibilities and it is essential to maintain holistic health. Unfortunately, many factors can affect one’s well-being, including the work time demands, high expectations from self and others, or not taking care of their biological needs such as sleep, nutrition and exercise. As a result, healthcare professionals have a higher risk of developing depression, anxiety or physician burnout.

To navigate this intense and demanding daily life, I offer physicians both individual and team coaching services to achieve enhanced work-life integration.

Compassionate help is closer than you think

As a Certified Executive Coach with over 20 years of healthcare experience, I coach physicians to overcome roadblocks related to their field of work.

By providing them with a listening environment, my coaching services support physicians to:

  • Identify their core values and achieve optimal work-life integration
  • Overcome imposter syndrome
  • Develop problem-solving strategies, including stress-relieving activities and physician burnout treatment
  • Maintain emotional hygiene in their stressful work environment

Take Control

If you are a physician and feel overwhelmed, contact me for a free 20 minute consultation to begin building the game plan and strategies to balance your personal and professional life